Re­cyc­ling Form


Highly com­mit­ted to the pro­tec­tion of nature and the en­vir­on­ment, GMG has set up a simple and free ser­vice that al­lows you to eas­ily re­cycle your empty con­sum­ables and re­duce your im­pact on the en­vir­on­ment. Thanks to this ges­ture, you con­trib­ute to the pro­tec­tion of the en­vir­on­ment.

How does it work ?

At your re­quest, GMG provides you with free col­lec­tion boxes for your empty con­sum­ables. Simply slip them in and con­tact us once the box is full so we can plan the re­cov­ery. By us­ing GMG Re­cyc­ling and Re­work ser­vices, you are act­ively par­ti­cip­at­ing in the empty con­sum­ables re­cyc­ling cycle and re­du­cing the volume of waste. You can make your re­quest for card­board or re­cov­ery us­ing one of the forms be­low or by call­ing us on 0848464464.

  • Fields marked with * are re­quired. The above in­form­a­tion is only trans­mit­ted to GMG Sup­ply SA and is con­fid­en­tial.